• Luke Dillon

2020 Luke Dillon Photography Plans

New Year is one of my favourite times of the year and not because of the party and drinks. It is one of the only times of year that everyone looks to grow and achieve. As we end December I have notice people want to do less and it is a lot harder to get potential clients to commit to shoots or work.

2019 has been a great year for me, I took the risk of being fully self-employed and giving myself two more years to make it financially beneficially before I reach 25 and need to look for a house and be a grown-up.

I manage to secure a few new clients and pick up more work with current clients, I got to go all over the UK and even do two trips in Europe. Photograph small groups of people to 2000 + at the NEC. Cars, products, dogs and more were captured and I have loved every second of it! But as we leave 2019 behind it is time for 2020 plans!

I aim to double my client base next year and develop connections with other photographers, videographers, graphic designers, social media experts, and other creators. I want to push LDP more and promote more of what I do. I aim to be busier in August through to December and put more money into marketing and more time into networking events.

I want to keep my current clients and build more trust and value with them. I have built up the gear and back end of the business so it is time now to look more at the promotion and marketing side of the company. I look to double my income but this can only be done by putting in more time and money into LDP.

I have a great buzz and have already secured a lot of work for 2020 with a few clients. So if you are looking to grow your company, have some studio shots or are putting on an event make sure to send me a message. Look forward to hearing from you and good luck with 2020!

What's on your 2020 to do?

Enjoy your year!!