• Luke Dillon

22 hours with Unique Events

So a couple of weeks back I was with Unique Events in Stratford Upon Avon photographing Sunrise and Gracewell. The event was over two days, the first day consisted of a 14 hour shoot from the morning brief and talk to a CEO from Starbucks. As the day went on the staff had workshops and more talks before getting glammed up for an evening of delicious food and drinks. At the end of the day I had shot roughly 1700 photos through out the day and before I knew it the day was over and it was time to head home to get some sleep before another day with Unique Events.

The second day was actually my Birthday and it felt good to be freelance turning 22. The second day was much like the first, morning coffee then speakers and afternoon workshops. In the afternoon there was workshops and then everyone got back together to finish off a brilliant day before saying good bye and heading home.

Over the two days my main focus was the speakers and to capture them in action but also the branding. Around them, I also wanted to capture the day. The people who attended, the workshops that went. Even though it was 22 hours worth of work over two days it was really enjoyable and set new challenges for myself. Looking at events that are already booked for this year it is for sure time to start taking the business serious and investing money into Luke Dillon Photography.

If you are requiring a events photographer make sure to send me a message!!