• Luke Dillon

3 days at Race Retro

Last weekend I hit my biggest photographic achievement. A year ago I went to Race Retro and this year I was photographing for Clarion Events who were running the event for Race Retro. A giant achievement of mind to photograph the three days and shoot a specific shoot list.

The shoot list was very straight forwards mainly focusing on specific speakers, cars and mainly capturing the overall even. Shooting all three days meant I could sit down each night and reflect on the photographs I had already taken.

I loved running around the event and capturing different aspects but not just focusing on cars. A very enjoyable shoot but also a very energetic shoot. I was really happy with the indoor shots and captured a great range of photos. However, outside on the track I did not feel like the images were as strong, due to the environment there was not much going on and I struggled to see new angles and visions. The main reason for this was time, as I had to be in other places and trying the get around the track in time was a struggle however I managed to get some great shots.

I managed to get photos of the entire list given to may and give extra images as well. I do wish the weather was better on the day but that was out of my control. A fantastic event and I look forward to seeing some of my photos out and about!

Enjoy your day!