• Luke Dillon

A messy DB9 with Supreme Details

This shoot was actually back on January the 3rd but I completely forgot about it until today when Sam from Supreme Detail asked me to pop in on Wednesday. They asked me in on January 3rd to photograph an Aston Martin DB9 that had definitely been around the track a few too many times. This car is usually on track for track days and it has for sure seen the gravel pit a few times. However in no time Supreme Detail had it looking brand new. The set up was a pleasure to photograph with lots of sustainable light, it was a little cramped for a 25mm and I think in this case a 18mm lens would have been better, apart from that I was very happy with the outcomes.

It is amazing how much a car can change when put into the right hands. I have spoken before about Supreme Details and speak highly of their work but also their attitude to their work. I will be back soon to photo what sam calls a 'car'.

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