• Luke Dillon

A small prom shoot

At the beginning of July I was asked if I knew anyone who could supply a car for prom. A owner came to mind and I put the owner in touch with the family. After a few convosations I offered to take a few photographs to capture the day for the family to keep. I had nothing on and due to being a good friend of the family it seemed right to do.

As I know the family well I went and tried to take a few photos at the prom of their daughter. However if you know anything about proms, if you want a good spot you usually have to get there early. Unfortunately I did not get good photos however I was really impressed by the photos from before heading to prom.

If you have been following what I do you will know I am happy to photograph anything however I do not push prom shoots and usually only photograph on a request basis. This is because families spend a fortune on proms/balls and the last thing you need is to then be adding a photographer shoot price on top. As mentioned I am more than happy to when asked but will never reach out to parents and make them think it is a must to have a photographer for prom.

Let me know what you think of the photos and if I can help you at all!

Enjoy your day!