• Luke Dillon

A trip down to Cardiff

Last week I had the joy of driving down to Cardiff, now I say joy because one I like driving and Wales is a nice area to drive in. This time I was heading to Cardiff not for a road trip but to photograph a Novotel and Custom Shed for Mr Highline so they can show off Novotel and Customs Shed through branding and social media. It was an early start and we were blessed with bright natural sunlight throughout the day that is always a must for hotel and food photography.

I was capturing a lot of different things from the reception to staff members, bottles to burgers and it was a very fast paced day. However I was very happy with the images specially due to the variety I was photographing and I personally think they make a great serious, I still see room for improvement but this all comes down to practise and taking photographs of a variety of things.

I have noticed taking my time or just one more shot can make or break and image and to also speak up when I do not like something, e.g. harsh light coming through the window. As well I am finding an editing preference that suits me and is something I am happy with. I provided extra services to Mr Highline by saving the photos in 10MB and 5MB for TripAdvisor and Expedia.

As you maybe able to tell these images are watermaked by Forever Rally. This was because my images have been sold to Accor hotel and this means I can not post them/do not want to use the images incase of copyright etc. So I have played it safe by uploading photo from the previous time I went to The Custom Shed. As you can tell I photograph a lot of different things, this is because I want to learn as much as possible and being in the automotive events world sometimes I have to photograph a lot of different stuff from interiors to food and everything in between. A strong shoot that actually came from me being on the Forever Rally trip as I took a few shots of the venue for those guys. Hope to be back at the Customs Shed as it is a lovely place as well as being back with Forever Rally.

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Enjoy your day, Luke