• Luke Dillon

@After_stock product update shoot

So last Monday Supreme dropped their first F/W season of 2018, a few cheeky copes by @after_stock meant it was time to bring their latest steals to the studio for a few photographs for the social media. In the future these product should sell for more...should!

The shoot took roughly two hours and was edited an hour later and sent to @after_stock. Full white background on each product shot to show the product clearly and cleanly to potential buyers. After Stock is a buying and selling place with no commissions and no middle man, no more selling a product and loosing the money to a website or company in the middle. They have a few products and items of clothing along with some accessories that are coming and going all the time.

I have photographed about 10 of their latest products now and I am guessing there will be many more in the future. I have been over to After Stock and they have been to mine, due to the pop up studio I can travel where ever and photograph products there or at the studio. Usually it is easier if I travel to you due to the amount of products you many need and trying to run a business

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