• Luke Dillon

Afterstock in manchester

On Saturday I took a trip up to Manchester with After Stock for CrepeCity. Nice underground venue with lots to look at and maybe a cheeky cope on a piece of clothing. Packed event and was busier then some nights out I have been on.

Even though it all goes over my head it is great to photograph something different and spend time with a close friend. Started off photographing his new shoes and then his outfit around Manchester that did not take long as Manchester has some nice clean architecture.

After that we queued and squeezed through the crowds to look around different stalls. Not the best location to shoot due to the low light and mass of people. I would of loved to use flash but would have annoyed everyone and due to the style of event there was not too much to capture.

After that we headed back out and I sent over a few edited photos on the way home meaning After Stock had content ready for the social media. Make sure to check out some of the photos I took and make sure to head over to @after_stock if you have a taste for fashion.

Enjoy your week!