• Luke Dillon

Amazon Staff parties with Pandora Events

The past two weeks I have been on 3 shoots with Pandora Events as they have put on events for Amazon Staff in Birmingham and Essex. I had the pleasure of being asked to photograph all three events over the two weeks.

First up was in Willenhall Birmingham, an evening meal with a band, dinner, DJ, dancing, models and more. A straight forward shoot documenting what Pandora Event does and the effort they go to. The second was Tilbury, Essex. Before everyone arrived I set up a timelapse to document the event coming together. This shoot would be the most interesting out of the three.

Dancers, band, DJ, popcorn, food, actors and even a 9ft tall Gorilla. Vibrant lights, smiling faces and a personal favourite shoot of mine. The theming was excellent and made the photos a lot more interesting and pop!

The third shoot was at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, the day after the Tilbury, Essex shoot. This shoot was more of a dinner and dance. Much like Willenhall shoot a very straight forward brief with singers, DJ and a casino gave me little tasters to exposure my creativity.

3 excellent shoots with photos I am very proud of and very grateful Pandora Events asked me to photograph for them. Make sure to check out some of the photos from the event below!

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