• Luke Dillon


Hey! So with a lot of recent bookings I am looking to take on a photographer, the work can vary in what it can be and probably will be less cars and more food, drink, people etc. I am trying to crack into some higher level companies so hopefully you can help and we can both benefit. One of my clients is Club Legends, I work for them photographing football teams from year 8s to first team. This needs two people and to do, a assistant and the photographer. The assistant data logs and sorts the queue out before the teams heads to the green screen. I need someone for this job along with been able to be beside me for other jobs as they a-raise. Having an assistant means I can get more jobs but also open up new opportunities.

I am also looking to to crack into the automotive industry, I will need a videographer and photographer (great if you do bother) to rely on if it is a big job. I aim to pay you if I get paid, if you would like to come to a shoot that was just for me thats fine but you will not be paid. I am happy to take on a few people and if you want to be open freelance or automotive freelance it would be great to talk. I aim to start working with a few road trip companies and I can not always rely on my Dad to drive, so I aim to buy a suitable car and drive, your roll to take all the rolling shots then when we stop I shoot along with you on the trip.

Lots to come about and I am looking to start creating a team as we enter 2019, if you are interested please contact me. I am looking for;

Assistant Photographer


Automotive Photographer


Graphic Design

Social Media Expert

Web Design

Something I love is hard work and quick turn arounds, good communication is a must and trust is important.

It would be great to hear form you and please do not be afraid to ask a question!