• Luke Dillon

Busography on a bank holiday

Last Bank Holiday I had the pleasure of meeting up Busography, a classic VW camper that had been resorted and with a built in photo-booth inside. Such a quirky and unique design that is easy to use and great for weddings.

Busography were kind enough to find the locations and provide models. All I had to do is turn up and produce some brilliant imagery. Little bit of a different shoot as I am not use to more personal photos such as mock up wedding shoots or use to not sending my images unedited. However by the afternoon of the next day Busography had all the images and my work was done.

Really happy about the shoot and would not change more, looking back if I had more time I may have experimented with flash however due to wanting the golden hour I was more concerned about all the light inside of a little bit of key lighting.

It was great to sit inside and ride along to another location and really grateful of Busography hospitality but also all the research they had done. Even though I did not need to touch the images I produced a few images of my own for the portfolio but also to show what went on.

Even though it was more wedding based they do a lot more, proms, birthdays, events, fun days, corporate events and lots more! So you may not be getting married but you maybe celebrating another occasion.

If you need a photo booth for your wedding make sure to check out



Enjoy your weekend!