• Luke Dillon

Car Shows!

April has been a quiet month for shoots, most of my work has been building for other months or rescheduling. I have been running social media accounts for 2 companies. Having less shoots has allowed me to focus on these and help them build their brands. However I have had a few shoots with Kingdom and been working on my photography. Even if I have no paid shoots I try and get out with the camera and keep my skills fresh and experiment when it is not a client shoot.

In April I have been at 4 car events. Fast Show, Else Car, Modified Nationals and Caffein & Machine. All different and all in different environments, looking back at my images I can see how they have changed due to the weather but also more editing and experimentation behind the camera. I am starting to like the images and coming up with my own style. I have added all the photos in order through out the month so you can see how my works changing but also the weather.

Looking forward to the summer and trying to get behind the camera as much as possible.


Enjoy your week!

Drive safe!