• Luke Dillon

Coffee & Network in Burton Upon Trent

Last week I had a meeting with Confessions about potential work in the future. I came in on the Thursday because they wanted some photos to document the different types of event they have going on at Confessions.

I have been to confessions a few times and I know the rough layout to Confessions, I wasn't there to long and mainly just captured a few shots of everything going on from the speakers to branding and architecture. A easy shoot but I do struggle to photograph at Confessions as I have still not found a preset I like that makes the photos pop in my opinion, it might me the white walls or the dark wood but something just bugs me in some photos.

Overall a successful and I was really pleased with the images, I am still looking how I can improve the photos but I believe they work well for the clients brief, I was not there long so little to review on the photos but it was nice to see a local business host an event for other local businesses. Need a photographer for any length of event? Make sure to contact me for pricing and availability.