• Luke Dillon

Confessions - Burton

I photographed way back at Confessions for a Northern soul night, after a couple of weeks I was back again but this time to photograph the venue but also a few items of food for upcoming events. I have been talking to Confessions about becoming their photographer in 2019, I am hoping to get this position due to location but also because of what they are up to. Getting to know the venue means I can be left to do what I do and Confessions do not have to worry about me.

Confessions left me up to it and bring studio light was a game changer, I am going to bring my lighting to more events due to the advantage it gives specially when the lighting can be anything. Really happy with the outcomes and some of the food photography has been some of my best work. Another mix bag day of photography and I hope to be back.

Need a photographer? Events, interior, people, product etc, what do you need?

Enjoy your evening

Confessions are changing their website so I do not know where to link to but will be linking them in future shoots.