• Luke Dillon

The Trinity Hot Desking Complete

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

I have watched The Trinity Hot desk grow and grow from the very start. I remember going up stairs to photograph and worrying which planks of wood were safe to stand on. That is no longer the case as the Hot Desk area is 99.9% done, it is a fully functional working space that just needs a few small pieces of carpet and people to start using the space.

When I first visited The Trinity upstairs was a little deserted and was going to waste. However over the months Steve has put blood, sweat and probably tears into building the upstairs hot desking area. With a variety of working spaces along with a chill out area and meeting rooms its has become something wonderful. Super fast internet and coffee and food down stairs it is the perfect place in Burton Upon Trent to work and network. It is my go to from now on if I need to meet a client local it is where I will be going as its weird to bring clients to your house and your mum to make them a coffee. With available parking and welcoming staff I always know I can trust The Tinity has my guest or potential client covered.

I photographed the upstairs before any work was done and it is great to see the changes that have been made to the space. I was there a couple of weeks back to capture the final look so The Trinity could use the images to advertise online the working space and start getting customer in. Make sure to have a look at my photos and tell me what you think, an interesting space to photograph and pushed my thoughts and boundaries when it comes to interior photography.

Can not wait to see this place fill up! Do you need a photographer to capture your business? Let me know by sending me a message! I work all hours a day so do not worry about when you contact me! Enjoy the rest of your week! Luke