• Luke Dillon

December Reflection

December was a great month for me and I am very happy how the year finished off. Photographing at Tower of London, Jam House with Pandora Events, Portraits for Thompson Insurance, Product shots for RPM and joining BNI.

A very busy month and I had more time to spend with friends and family now I am more organised with time. If you want to know my 2020 aims and plans check out my other articles to find out what is happening and what I aim to achieve in my second full-time freelance year.

I have had some very successful shoots in December and learned a lot about flash and lighting on subjects. My white backgrounds are coming out crisp and clean and I am very my editing/choice of imagery is improving drastically. Joining BNI will help me grow and develop to that next step as I will have more networking opportunities and reach a larger organic audience.

I have secured more work with existing clients and should look forward to a couple of new opportunities next year. It is not all sunshine and rainbows December had small challenges, images not coming out as expected and not hearing back of a couple of clients. The business account took a hit for new gear but the opportunities that will arise will be very beneficial.

I am very proud of how December turned out and look forward to the development and growth through 2020 and how it will reflect next December. If you want to know my 2020 plans make sure to check out the article by >> clicking here <<.

What did you get up to in December? Let me know!

Enjoy your day