• Luke Dillon

Detailer of the Year with Pyramid Car Care

So a while back...January the 12th if I remember correctly. I headed down to Offset Detailing to photograph the detailer of the year!! Pyramid Car Care ran a competition to search for the Detailer of the year in 2018! I was privileged to be asked to photograph not just this awesome Lamborghini but to be asked by Pyramid. I am starting to work closer with these guys and understanding where I want to take Luke Dillon Photography. I am going to put something together about Pyramid and this shoot in the future as it needs a proper sit down and time, something I do not have right now! So make sure to follow my socials to be notified when I drop the proper blog about Pyramid and Detailer of the year! Could you be detailer of 2019??

Check out Pyramid!

Check out the detailer of 2018!