• Luke Dillon

Discovery at Supreme Details

Yesterday I popped down to Supreme Details to get a few shots of a Land Rover Discovery Overfinch they had in. Most of the work had been done before I got there and the finish was flawless, the paint work looked incredible along with the rest of the car that is amazing when you think how bulky the Discovery is and the paint did not look a day old. The Discovery fits easily in the detailing lab however I struggled to get the car in the frame without it looking cramped so we took the car outside to photograph the car.

Then put it back and photographed with the door open, there is not much to talk about as I have been there before so check back on the other blogs to find out more. I do highly recommend Supreme Details and have used them before to clean my Dad's car and loved the service and they did a great job. Make sure to check them out and tell them Luke sent you when you arrive, if you would like to find out prices and location etc follow the link below.

LINK TO SUPREMEDETAILS: http://supremedetail.co.uk/