• Luke Dillon

Dog Trust - Private event

A couple of weeks back I took a trip down to London to shoot for Dogs Trust for a private event for their new branch of work. The event was private invite so I will not be posting much about the event. However, the reason I was there was to capture and document the evening to show what went on for their marketing material.

The night was challenging due to the nature of the event they did not want flash meaning I was shooting up to 6000ISO which means the photos can become grainy and soft. This is something I did explain and did not mind doing as the event atmosphere was a lot more important than a couple of photographs.

Due to the settings and atmosphere, I was in, I was very happy with the outcomes. I look forward to working with Dogs Trust in the future. I have not added many photos due to the nature of the event but this shoot was a big milestone for me and I am very proud of it.

Dogs Trust

Enjoy your day!