• Luke Dillon

East Midland Trains

A few weeks back AVIT Media asked me to fill in and shoot for them over Nottingham way. Something different photographing for another photographer and honest feels like more pressure than doing it under my own name. It was an amazing opportunity and a brilliant event to photograph. The event was about West Midland trains and celebrating their staff who work for them. A lovely venue with some brilliant little accessories to photograph, a very easy event to shoot with bright clean walls to bounce the flash off. It was great working for another photographer and if you ever need a photographer or someone to fill it make sure to ask. This shoot came about 2 weeks before and if I am free I am happy to shoot tomorrow. Never be afraid to ask!

Make sure to check out AVIT media! They are doing some amazing stuff and I envy their work a lot.


As always, if you need a photographer you know where I am.