• Luke Dillon

February Business Review

February was another great month for me with at least one photo shoot each week. This was 10 times more profitable compared to last year which is very positive for me and the business. As mentioned in my January review Race Retro was a big shoot for me and I am very happy with the outcomes and hope to see a few pictures on their branding. Another big amount of work came from Pandora Events supporting them on their event planning for one of their clients Amazon Staff.

Looking at March it looks to be another great month, lots booked in with the potential of some European shoots for Redline247. A key focus right now is aligning the business, after attending Charle Sanders Action Coach day it opened my eyes to how much I need to do. This will be developed this month along with goals and targets to make sure I am as successful as possible.

I aim to make March another great month and push more indifferent/new directions for work. I want to be one of the top creators in the West Midlands and want Luke Dillon Photography to be the go-to meaning I need to develop more and push marketing to capture a bigger audience.

Looking for a photographer in the events, product, portrait or automotive industry? Make sure to contact me today!

Enjoy your March!