• Luke Dillon

Forever rally - Welsh Valley Rally 2019

London, Cardiff, Liverpool and Bristol all in three days. Last weekend I was on a 3 day road trip with Forever Rally on their Welsh Valley Rally. This was their third roadtrip and the third roadtrip I have photographed for them and is some of my best work so far, I am really impressed with the outcomes. Another amazing trip and has put more experience under my belt.

Starting off with the first morning, a lot better images of the grid girls and the cars. I did not get as many candid shots this time but due to the nature of the morning everything all happened at once and with only one of me it was tricky to do it all. However I did get a variety of images and made sure to get a photograph of each car. A few indoor shots as well before everyone set off for Cardiff. The first day I did get a little short on time with traffic and ended up just getting to the location before everyone came through Cheddar Gorge, an amazing shot but I do wish I had time to get the drone up and get a shot however I was mainly focusing on what I needed to get done instead of something I have not tried and did not have time to do.

After that I captured the cars leaving and then arrived at the hotel with an hour to get ready for the evening. First night the cameras were out capturing a little bit of the evening before a night out in Cardiff. I turned around 10 images to used for social media and posted 4 up on @foreverrally social media sites through out the day to create hype and notice about the event. The issue with road trips is everything has to keep moving and sometimes you can get stuck on a road and be delayed. Luckily Forever Rally understand this and know if can not be helped. But it is always stressful when your in the middle of know where following the Sat-nav and do not know if you are near anyone else as there is no internet and you know you need photos.

Second day was very similar, we got stuck at the back due to helping a customer out with their car however we managed to catchup and photographed the majority of the cars that took some stress off me for the final day. Many more rolling shots and less static shots on this trip as we did not pull over much. Again a night out in Liverpool but as it was the final and Liverpool were playing I did not take the cameras out.

Final day we were in the middle of the pack and meant I could smash out a load of rolling shots and managed to capture all but one car. An amazing day and finished with me capturing three of the clients cars as we drove over the Bristol Bridge. A shame about the weather but this could not be helped. As we arrived in Bristol there was one more thing to photographed, the evening awards. A great way to finish the weekend with a few drinks and smiles. Was great to have the final evening with two videographers and talk about ideas and growing each other brands. Looking forward to being on Forever Rally Euro Rally and can not wait to kill it once again. Hopefully with better weather.

If you need a photographer let me know! Road trips, events, products maybe your pets! What ever you need I can photographer or recommend someone who can.

Enjoy your day and if your into cars make sure to check out www.kingdomautomotive.co.uk to find out everything that went on each day on Forever Rally Welsh Valley Rally.