• Luke Dillon

Goodbye August, Hello September

August has been a quiet month for me. Potentially the quietest month I have had this year and I am glad to see the end of the month. I only had two client shoots in August and spent most the time working on branding and social media for a couple of clients.

August definitely was not a bad month but I love being behind the camera and I can not wait to be behind the camera more. I have 9 days worth of photography this month and looking forward to taking on more shoots and developing my work more.

I will be shooting at a few corporate events, green screen portrait shoots and of course a few cars. I also will be sitting down with a few clients planning the upcoming months and 2020. Reflecting back on August I know for next years August will be the month I develop my brand and reflect more on the brand due to the low demand for a photographer.

Lots in the works with a couple of companies and I look forward to working and developing their brands with them. I am to be at more networking events and publish more content to get out there every single day.

If you need a photographer make sure to contact me today! Even if you do not need a photographer but need a recommendation for a videographer or graphic designer let me know!

Enjoy your September!