• Luke Dillon

Goodwood Revival

3 days in a tent next to Goodwood motor circuit, what could be better? Maybe with a harddrive that didn't wipe it's self?

Last week I was at Goodwood Revival with may Dad as a 50th and 21st Birthday present. I really want to get into motorsports photography so what better place to take my camera. All was well and great until my harddrive decided to wipe itself. Hopefully I will be able to get the photos back and if you want to know about Goodwood Revival check out Kingdom for all the information!

So as mentioned I want to get more into motorsports photography but mainly be a part of car events. I want to become an official photographer and have passes to areas that the public do not, to shoot. This is something I am working on and will be contacting events in 2019, I want to capture much more than the cars, the event, the people, what goes on and much more.

A lot of motorsports photographers just capture the cars and show a lack of what actually goes on at the event. I want to help change that and provide more value to the public but also the event organisers. Main thing I took from Goodwood Revival is that it is awesome! Also take two harddives everywhere! And make sure to mirror them when it comes to saving and uploading files.

Thank you for reading my recent work at Goodwood, as mentions I was a customer at this event and shot for myself and Kingdom.

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