• Luke Dillon

Hanging out with Forever Rally

I have just finished another shoot with Forever Rally and what a weekend it was. The whole point of the day was a taster of what Forever Rally do and to advertise their trips for next year. I was there to produce lots of photographs for them to use for next year. The trip started in London where everyone met up and talked about them and their cars.

©Luke Dillon Photography & Forever Rally 2018

The day was fast paced with a lot of different environments to photograph in. From cars to models and arrival talk in the morning, to hanging out the car and landscape shoots in the afternoon. Automotive shoots are becoming second nature however people and event photography is starting to grow. There were over 16 cars on the trip traveling over 200 miles in one day.

©Luke Dillon Photography & Forever Rally 2018

After mid day we headed to Bristol from the Cheddar Gorge that meant it was time to get the flashgun out and photograph everyone at night. This is something that I have improved on massively in the last few months. In total there was many different scenarios through out the day and trying to get all the images to match it challenging. I think I am going to develop my presets more for next year to refine the work. If you have any questions about Forever Rally (click here) or want to know more to book me for a day event make sure to send me a message!

©Luke Dillon Photography & Forever Rally 2018



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