• Luke Dillon

Headshots with Pandora & Events

Last week I had the pleasure of working with Pandora & Events as they wanted a few headshots for their website and other media purposes. Very simple shoot containing 6 lovely ladies that work at Pandora. Pandora & Events are part organisers of Redline 247 and this is how I got in touch with them.

Very simple and nature shoot, I used the natural window light and flash highlight the subject, being in an office location the environment was very simple and minimal that didn't allow much creativity. I did not want it to just be a wall shoot so I set the subject up next to the window.

To block the fire door and extinguishers, I used their banner and a plant as background that exposed their brand but also gave a simple background and meant that would be able to use the photographs for other stuff. If I was to do the shoot again I would have probably used my studio lighting and moved the subject even further away from the backdrop.

Overall a great shoot and if you ever need an event organiser make sure to check out Pandora & Events and if you need a portrait photographer then feel free to send me a message!

Luke Dillon