• Luke Dillon

Hello 2021!

And just like that 2020 is done, a stressful and 'different' year to say this least and even though we were not has active in the photo world it definitely has not been quiet. We can not believe how quick the year went in such uncertain times and we are already excited for 2021 photoshoot!

Due to the new UK restrictions our first shoot has been postponed but we are still pushing through with new ideas to shoot but also create content as well as our 2021 goals! Who knows we may just have our own space at the end of 2021!

We are currently catching up on 2020 photoshoots and will be writing small articles for each. Lots has been done behind the scened from marketing to goals to facebook ads and putting the hoover round.

What are your biggest goals for 2021, let's smash them together!

Have a great day,