• Luke Dillon

Helping out with r247

Sometimes a business can not make it to an event or a iPhone photo will not crack it. We have all been there when we need to be at an event but can not make it due to other commitments. As a business owner myself I know the struggle to attend business events, see family and have time to do everything else.

Redline247 is a company that I work closely with and help out with a variety of jobs so when Andy from R247 asked me to attend two events on his behalf then of course I could not say no. Especially when it was GemClean Detailing & UberGT on the Saturday and SOB Supercar Event on the Sunday.

A brilliant weekend were I got some more practise behind the camera but also see some very badass cars and enjoy a weekend out helping out a client. The reason I have bought up in a article is because I do not like just doing one-off shoot for a company then never hear from them again. I like to jump on board with the business and find out what they have going on so if someone is asking for an event organiser or detailing product I can recommend my client.

I am much more than just a photographer, I bring value first and my aim is to help clients where possible. The way I look at it the more I can help a brand grow the more commitment and respect they have for me but also my work gets put out there more and hopefully I can shoot for them more in the future.

If you need help with imagery, branding or just need some advice drop me a message!

Always happy to talk over social media, the phone or in person!

Make sure to check out below some of the photos from GemClean, UberGT and SOB!

Looking for a roadtrip? Check out Redline247.

Enjoy your week!