• Luke Dillon

Jo Painting

From go-kart engines to paintings, last week I caught up with Jo who is an artist based in Curborough who is currently getting her work out there and building her website. A very straight forward shoot but still treat with 100% of LDP effort. A variety of pieces of artwork to photograph with the majority being wall-mounted but all being different sizes.

For this shoot, I used two softbox lights and made sure to block all-natural light to control the environment. I did not try and get the lowest ISO possible as I did not want the flash to be too strong on the image especially as somewhere framed. The wall was white with a selection of screw already there to hand the pieces, I found the biggest item and framed this for the shot. I used my grey card and put the camera on a tripod and did not zoom in any point in the shoot meaning all the items were the same size.

After capturing all the items I imported to the lightroom and added the settings, due to the environment not changing it did not take much to make sure all the items looked natural and correct. After tweaking the image I exported and imported to Photoshop and altered the background and center all the items. Some look much smaller than the rest meaning they would give true scale on the website.

After this was all done I sent the photos to Jo and she was very impressed which is always great news. Something different and took a little bit of DIY work in the computer. However, I tried to fix as much as possible in-camera reducing my post-production work.

I was very happy with the outcomes and look forward to seeing Jo's work selling online!

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