• Luke Dillon

July Review & August Plans

July has been a busy month for me, a lot less paid shoots but a lot of client work and meetings. I have been working closely with two clients and building their brands which has been very exciting and I am looking forward to this paying off for them in 2020. I have also been shooting at a lot of automotive event for Kingdom Automotive and I have seen a massive change in my work due to the amount I have been doing.

I altered my branding and made everything a little cleaner, I also had to turn away three shoots as I already have a shoot booked on the day they need. So if you are in the creative industry and looking for more work let me know so I can pass on some shoots onto someone I recommend.

There was not a lot of stuff to tell you about July and August will be the same. I will be setting up for the rest of the year and contacting companies about photography. Corporate events will start taking place as the year closes out so I will be trying to secure a few shoots leading up to Christmas.

If you need a photographer please let me know, if it is for an hour or for 3 days. I travel all over the country and even taken on a few shoots in Europe. I look forward to hearing from you! I specialise in the automotive and events world but also happy to photograph something new!

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Enjoy your day