• Luke Dillon

June Plan & May Recap

May was a great month for me taking on two more clients as well as attending two networking events. They have been beneficial for me and looking to take on more as the months go on! I aim to go to at least 2 a month but need to source more locations as I do not want to keep going to the same ones each month.

May I went to France, Cardiff, Paddington, Bristol, Liverpool and Manchester with my photography. I photographed a range of subjects from interiors to shoes to food and cars. I went to a local networking event and a big networking event in Leicester and help grow two business social media accounts and make them become busy again.

June is looking to be a good month, 1 shoot already in the bag with 3 more this week. I have 8 paid days worth of shooting this month and plan to attended 4 automotive events to capture a larger audience and get more practise. Not forgetting two outstanding clients who still want photos but have not found a day to do it, hopefully I can push this and get the ball rolling again.

I would like to grow my work more this month and aim not to get more clients but to push the clients more that I already have. Making their business grow more online and help them gain more attention and profit.

I have a meeting with a detailing company, detailing product company and dealerships this month so it is looking very optimistic. With potential work from an events company. June I plan to grow my social presence more mainly across the board. Instagram up to 1500 followers, Facebook to 1000 and to post on LinkedIn more often and engage more. I will be planning paid ads as this is something I want push more and offer to clients so I need to look more into how I can gain exposure for them.

That is my June plans, I do have a lot of days free this month so if you need a photographer for anything let me know! Even if its just for an hour or you'd like to talk about ideas and future plans, always happy to have a chat and a coffee. Always looking for photographers, graphic designers and videographers so let me know if you are a freelance creator.

Enjoy your week