• Luke Dillon

June recap and july plans

What a blast June was! I can not believe it went so fast, two road trips, 4 car shows, a hotel shoot, 2 network events, 3 studio shoots and countless meetings! It is a shame the days go so fast and how June feels like a distant memory. I am so pleased at the way LDP is growing and how customers feel about my work.

As June has gone its time to focus on July and even though it is only the 4th we are already two shoots down. Along with this I have a two day shoot with Pandora Events and a car show with Kingdom on Sunday.

I aim to be at a few networking events this month, I missed one today this was because of a business needing a push on its social media as they are drawing in to a deadline on their event. I have some work booked in through out the weeks of July from studio work to shooting for Pyramid Car Car on July 20th at Supercarfest. A few shows with Kingdom Automotive and hopefully snatch a few more clients throughout July.

However I want to focus more on the client I already have a push their brands further before taking on more work. There is outstanding shoots with certain clients and we are just waiting the time to be right to shoot. Social media and brand develop with 3 clients is currently happening along with my own brand development. I am not sure July will be as exciting June however it will be a great month. If you need a photographer let me know, even if thats for tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your week!