• Luke Dillon

Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show

I use to be on top of documenting each shoot I did and now I seem to have forgotten October, November, and December... time to get back on track! One of my biggest shoots of 2019 was with Clarion Events at Lancaster Insurance Classic Motorshow.

I had photographed for Clarion back at the Practical Classic Motorshow and had the pleasure to photograph for them again. I had 3 halls to photograph and a long list of cars, stands, products and more to photograph across the two days. With a deadline of 3 pm to send over a couple of images to go into their email to all the Classic Motorshow subscribers.

Due to the event being back in November I can not remember everything that went on but remember wishing there were more hours in the day to shoot. Due to how busy the event was and opening/closing times I kept seeing shot after shot and could not put the camera down. After upgrading to the f2.8 lens I fell in love with the shallow depth of field and produced some awesome photographs.

When you have a long list and lots of ground to cover there are times you focus less on certain things or miss out due to mad rushes. I managed to photograph everything on the list but I wish I focused more on certain subjects. and cars. However, due to the volume of people and everything going on some time, you think you have taken ten shots of a car but actually, you sit there for 10 minutes waiting for people to move and only took one.

I was very impressed with the new lenses and when I purchase some polarisers I will be even more pleased with the results with fewer reflections. I am very proud to photograph at the Practical Classic and Lancaster Motorshow in 2019 and hope Clarion invites me back in 2020 to Race Retro, Practical Classic and Lancaster Motorshow. We can only wait and see what 2020 holds.

Need an event photographer?

Let me know! In 2020 I want to go more in-depth with my shoots but I need to catch up and due to everything going on I can not remember everything that went on at the Motor show.

Enjoy your New Year!