• Luke Dillon

Land Documentation Burntwood

Rain stops play but not for long! We do not mind a drizzle but a lot of the time heavy rain means no cameras. Our first date for documenting land for a client had to be postpone and for good reason but only by a week before we were allowed to play.

A client needed a patch of land documenting to send down to the boys in London. The benefits of this allows the client and their customer to see the land without a 3 hour trip to look at a field. Having us down for the day allows us to document all areas of the land from every angle allowing for all prospects to be captured.

A simple shoot which then lead to us documenting and capturing the interior offices which were already there. This allowed the client to show more angles but also show was already been done which came with great benefits.

A lovely but chilly shoot which came with great success and was worth the delay.

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