• Luke Dillon

last weekend - R8 & BTCC

It was a very interesting weekend! No paid shoots but two awesome events! On the Saturday I was photographing at BTCC Donington. I manage to meet up with @benkasperczakofficial as he private messaged me on Instagram about taking some photos. A cracking experience and really enjoyed focusing more on one person than just running around taking photographs.

A long and cold day but enjoyable one, getting the hang of taking motorsports photographs and extremely happy with some of the results. A little bit more sun and the photos would have been brilliant, just that dark cold sky sucks the joy out of the image. I have always gone by the principle of keeping and eye out and being ready whilst watching motorsports and the practise sessions did not disappoint, I managed to capture some incredible moments and afterI looked around and saw people still stumbling for their cameras. Experimented more with faster cars and started to build a portfolio of what to shoot at an event and to remind myself to get into shape so I can run from final bend to celebration area before the driver is back.

On the Sunday I have a long drive down to Farnborough Audi then to Goodwood for the biggest R8 meet. Rolling shots on the way down and a few shots documenting the event and spending time with friends. A long but enjoyable day with lots of interesting R8's. 102 in total, filling the Goodwood paddocks. Sadly we took a different turn and missed the majority of cars coming to Goodwood missing out on those brilliant pack shots. However again another day to work on my photography and try some new tricks and ideas.

Looking forward to more photoshoots, I have 2 this week and a car show at the weekend. Let's hope this month I can shoot last months cancelations and get back on track. Do you need a photographer? Message me today!