• Luke Dillon

Like cars ? Check out kingdom

I started a brand called Kingdom just over a year and a half ago. I use to post all my automotive work on Luke Dillon Photography and found that it could become more. Along with realising a few things in the automotive world that was missing and I started to develop something new. There is a lot planned with this brand but it is very small right now. I hope to be doing more with the brand as it gets bigger and more relevant.

Kingdom has been getting some tractions over the year and more and more people are starting to have an interest in the brand. Right now most of our photos are events but we want to move more into a variety of content however we need your help! If you are interested in cars please check out Kingdom, if you know of a car that is worth looking into and photographing please let me know.

I run everything over at Kingdom so feel free to message me direct, through my photography page or Kingdom. I aim to get some videographers on board but also provide a variety of content such as short/long videos, podcast and a few more products.

Check out Kingdom > www.kingdomautomotive.co.uk <

IG: @kingdomautomotive FB: @thekingdompage