• Luke Dillon


Do not know where the month has gone, strange to think nearly a month ago I was in France for 24 hours shooting for Pandora Events as they organised a trip for Maranello Ferrari down in London. I headed down the night before and we picked up the car they had given us for the weekend. A Maserati Levante a big beast that gave a different angle to photographing the cars, usually I am down low instead this time I was up high.

I was hired for a one day shoot that started of photographing Maranello's clients as they arrived at the hotel, signed in and had the briefing. Then everyone came outside and had a photograph next to their car. This was very organised and something I want to try and implicate on other trips if possible. Before we got off the Euro tunnel I and edited an image of each car with the owners next to it and sent off to Pandora Events so they could print and frame the images ready for the customers when they had finished the trip.

After this we hit the roads on route to France. Majority of the trip was by motorway that meant we could keep up but also get photographs of each car. When drove for roughly 4 hours in France before ending up at a hotel above the tree that was perfect for the client. I photographed the cars static and produced a range of close up and wide shots of all the cars.

After an hour relaxing it was time to pick the camera up again and photographed the clients has they enjoyed a drink and spoke about the day before heading for dinner. At that point my job was done but as I was there in the morning before catching a flight back home it only seemed right to get a few more shots. So I photographed the clients packaging their cars and driving off as they take the road again for another day of fun.

I was really pleased with the shoot and very impressed with the images, a lot of great images that did not even make the final cut. Not a lot I would have changed as I only had the one day and couldn't really set up shots before the guys came down the road. The only reason I did not photograph for more days was due to other shoots.

Let me know if you need a photographer, it does not have to be automotive based! It could be events, portraits, products or more. Let me know what you think about the photos and how I can improve!