• Luke Dillon

Mr Highline - Accor Hotel

Now if someone asks you to shoot in Windsor thats roughly a 6 hour round trip its hard to say no. A new place to visit and more time to get behind the wheel, this time I was photographing for social purposes but also to document another event. This took place on the 30th of November and I know its a little late but work has been madness. A very fast paced day with a little bit of everything, my main love was photographing the interior of the hotel due to the Christmas decorations and the natural light. However due to the time of year this soon when and the noise began to grow in the photos. Before I knew it, it was nighttime and people were arriving at the hotel, the room was very big and made it hard to bounce light around the room. However I still managed to capture some amazing moment and got the all clear from the client.

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