• Luke Dillon

night shoot with Elliot Park

January evening nights were very strange, warm, cold, icy and wet. We seem to have every type of weather and early on in January we got lucky on an evening shoot!

Recently I had captured the interior of the Business Hub at Elliot Park and I was back to photograph the exterior of the building, the final puzzle to their branding and online image.

However upon arrival it was clear we had been given a window to photographer and whilst I set up the client ran around the offices to alert the motion lights to turn on to provide an inviting image and to give the impression of being active. Of course in current times majority of the offices were empty.

This was a straight forward shot and due to the surroundings and shape of the building we were limited on what could have been achieved but we got the look we needed! A few post tweaks and 10 variations were sent over for the client to choose from and use accordingly.

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