• Luke Dillon

Paddington Shoot

A few Thursdays back I was in Paddington London, photographing 3 hotels owned by one company. A interesting shoot as it was only 3 hours and I only needed certain shots in certain hotels. Usually I have to photograph the whole business where this time I was just capturing snippets.

A successful shoot where I pushed the boundaries of the camera with using higher ISO than using flash due to the nature of the shoot. Tripod could of been used for the majority but was not essential due to the time frame and the lighting being enough to not become grainy in the images. As this was mainly for social media purposes a well it was fine at 1600 ISO.

Lighting was not the best and the interior gave lots of different colours as we went from room to room, I have tried to balance this out in post and personally happy with the images. I have sent these off to the client and waiting for their feedback, a week turn around due to having the 3 day Welsh Valley Rally after this shoot. I did not want to rush the images and knew I had 2 weeks to turn the images around and send to the client.

Let me know if you need a photographer! It does not have to be Midlands based, I travel all round the UK photographing a variety of subjects! Enquire today!

Enjoy your week, Luke