• Luke Dillon

Pandora events - NEC shoot

Back in March 2019, I photographed for Pandora Events to showed all the effort and work Pandora put into organising an event for their client. September I was back again with Pandora to do the same again.

Pandora we’re hosting an event for a client who required a venue, performance, food and more that could facilitate for 2500+ guests.

My job was to show and document the 3-day build and rehearsal then the main event on Saturday. From the building and construction to the live acts and speakers. This is important to Pandora Events to show what they do and show potential clients the level of detail they go to. Just like the March event, everything came together nicely and the event was a giant success.

The shoot was straight forward and I mainly knew what I had to achieve. Lighting wasn’t sustainable on the first three days due to the NEC halls being so big and just having natural light for construction workers to work in. On the main day, the dance routines were hard to capture due to all the changes in light and colour however I was really happy with how the photos came out, especially with the big rig overhead.

After experiencing the March event I had more of an idea into what was needed but also the layout of the event. Due to the stage being 360 it did set a challenge of trying to always get the speakers, guests or dancers facing the camera. Although this did not affect me too much and I was applying to still get great shots due to the revolving stage in the centre.

I was really happy with the shots and look forward to purchasing new lenses to develop my work further. A very positive shoot and I look forward to working with Pandora Events in the future.

Enjoy your day