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Pandora Events - Tropic Rocks!

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

2500 Glambassadors, 4 dance routines, 2 bands, 1 DJ, 50 staff and 3 days! Two weeks ago I was back at the NEC with Pandora Events. Pandora Event have been working hard for months putting everything together for Tropic Skincare - 'Tropic Rocks' Event. Where Tropic brings all their 'Glambassadors' together for a day of celebration, product release and a thank you to all the hard working staff.

I wasn't there on behalf of Tropic but for Pandora, to capture everything from the behind the scenes to what happens on the day. When you are running back and forth for three days you hardly have time to stop and photograph yourself or your team working. I was there all three days putting in 12 hour shoots each day. I love working with Pandora Event, even though I am a photographer I love learning and being part of such a motivating team.

The effort these guys put in is crazy, even when other things go wrong they are straight on it and sorting it. Thursday ran smoothly with everyone turning up on time and setting up where was needed, I managed to get all the images done on the day as less was happening. My timelapse ran smoothly as the stage went up over the course of 7 hours and I ran around Hall 9 capturing everything everyone was up to with my bright Hi-Vis on.

Friday was more of a busy day, everything that was bought in the day before was being set up. Dance routines, band rehearsals, tables, carnival, carpets and more were all put up ready for the event. I spent most the day running between the stage and back stage where Pandora Events had 30 staff packing goodie bags for the Tropic Staff to collect after the day on Saturday.

Another late night but everything was ready for Saturday, I managed to select all the images I wanted to edit in the evening at the Travelodge before getting some rest and getting ready for an early start on Saturday. Before I knew it I was stood at the metal shutters waiting for 2500 'Glambassadors' to come through the doors. I have never seen so many people come in at one point, it was crazy to say the least. First a coffee and cake then it was time to sit down for a day packed of awards, products, raffles and food. Well that was for Tropic staff not me, I ran around the event capturing what went on but also what Pandora was doing. Majority of Pandoras work was done and now it was time to check everyone was okay and give a helping hand where was needed.

The day went on and thanks to CPL for such an awesome stage and lighting that made the images more appealing due to the lights and colours shooting off in the background. Three dance routines, a band performance, raffle, talks and product reveal were all captured before the storm of Glambassadors came for their Tropic Bags at the end of the day. The ladies smashed the customer services and gave out over 2000 bags that they had packed to all the clients as they left. Lots of smiling faces and happy ladies all around. A quick break and all the files backed up it was time to photograph the evening.

One issue I had was batteries, by dinner time all 12 AA batteries had died and spent sections of the night recharging and running back to swap them over. This is now not the case as I have 32 AA rechargeable batteries and know I need minimum 16 batteries for a 12 hour indoor shoot with 2 battery chargers. Apart from that everything ran smooth, I have invested heavily in second hand gear and it is paying off, I am spending less time saving, swapping, waiting and more time photographing that is vital when it comes to events. You maybe required to have 3 shots of the dancers but does not mean you should put the camera down after 30 images as photo 31 may have been the one that made the front of the website and bought in the next client.

Saturday night was mental and the Pandora did not let the evening drop at all. A live band and DJ left the 'Glambassadors' dancing through the night. A dance off, food, bars and a carnival left the night on a high. Before I knew it I was back in the Travelodge backing everything up and getting some well deserved rest. By Tuesday all the photographs were done and sent to Pandora Events, I then was asked to add a watermark to the images. This is something I agree with if they were to send the images out to clients as if they share the images Pandora has the branding on the images. As at the end of the day they paid for it.

A big event to say the least and I hope to be back as the event was amazing! Thank you again to Pandora Events for asking me!






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