• Luke Dillon

Pandora Events - Tropic March Launch Party

This event is one I have been looking forward to for a very long time. When I bought my new lenses back in October this was one event I was looking forward to using them at. I have shot at this event before and if you have looked at any of my articles you will know I do a lot of work for Pandora Events.

I arrived on-site at the NEC at 6 am on Wednesday and when the doors opened the time-lapses were on and a camera was in my hand to document the build-up. Wednesday and Thursday were the big set up days and for the entire day, I have two cameras and a go pro running around the hall to capture everything going on. Now and then I would have a walk around the hall capturing staff building and setting up the event. Due to the type of subject, it made me push my creativity to make everything look more interest and appealing.

Friday was the rehearsal day so I focused on the band, dancers, main stage. However shortly after starting Pandoras client cancelled the event due to Covid19. Looking back on this now shows it was a great decision to make as staff, customers and visitors lives are most important. Because of this, a majority of the hall progress was stopped or never set up so I was limited on the action in the hall.

However, as mentioned I did get to focus on the dancers and singers meaning I could get a lot of photographs and content for Pandora. After Friday was done Saturday was a very interesting shoot. Due to the cancellation Tropic decided to go live to over 8,000 member with great success. This did limit me as I could not get up and close to the action as the stage turned into more of a tv show and would not look if a photograph runs across the background.

I was very impressed with the photos and appreciate Pandora for asking me to capture the event and look forward to Azonic video! Pandora Events did a fantastic job and I love working with them and capturing what they do.

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Stay safe in these interesting times,