• Luke Dillon

Pandora Events / Tropic Skin Care

Remember Pandora? I was there a couple of weeks back doing headshots? No...well last week I was back with the guys to photograph an event they hosted for Tropic Skin Care. They wanted photographs of setting up but also the event themselves. Even though it was pitch black it was a great venue in the heart of Brum. A lovely church with no detailed spared. Pandora are a great company to work for and provide so much support and make sure you are okay through out the day. the event was a success with some awesome photos, due to being 99% ladies it was a lot easier to photograph and after a few vinos the photos came easy. Of course they were the ones drinking not me. A long day but a good day with some outcomes that I did not expect due to the setting and pushing the quality of the image. Overall a brilliant event shoot!

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Enjoy your day!