• Luke Dillon

Pandora organised another event for amazon!

So this weekend I have travelled down to Essex to get behind the camera for Pandora once again. I travelled down Friday to capture the set up of the event through time-lapse and a couple of photos, sadly I had to use a crop sensor as my main camera compresses time-lapses into a video my Nikon D7000. The good news is today I took delivery of a second hand D750 so now I have two professional camera that will open new services and opportunities but thats for another day.

So Friday was a slow day and I helped more moving and just check the camera is still there, the reason I help out is because I love what Pandora do and I want to help. This also means the shots I get are more interesting because I am in the action, I do not mind been in the action. I like getting on stage, I like getting behind the bar so if that means getting my hands dirty I would rather do that.

What I really like about the level Pandora are own is the how much energy and detail is put into an event. So going into a blank room and photographing it then photographing after it has had Pandora finesse is just crazy. I have started to set up templates for stories and posts because they do not have time on the day to stop and do a couple of posts so if I can reduce that time when they are planning on when the foods coming and the musics ready then that benefits them.

So Friday was done and what I really like about the relationship I build with clients is we all went to a restaurant after, had dinner and chatted. No work talk or plan about the next day which is great because I woke up fresh and ready for the next day.

Saturday was the day of the 'Post Peak Amazon Party for Tilbury staff ' and the day was very much the same until 7pm. Then everything came together on time and to plan, dancers, band, food huts, bars and 700 people! I photographed through the night capturing what I can and always thinking of another view point. Pandora hired another photographer to capture the majority of people there with me capturing the environment and branding aspects of the night.

I have linked the other photographer below if you ever need a photographer in Essex, all the photographs are in a secure photo folder for the amazon staff to see. This is something I have started to offer so if you have seen the new taps that is for event/album work. For business shoot I still use Dropbox but for anything where a variety of users may look at the photos becomes a secure folder. This works better and I use Pixieset as it is fluid and runs smoother than wix albums and overall is a better experience.

This is a new services and is working well so far, I aim to take it further when the brand grows but for soon I am not pushing it too much. I finish shooting around 23:30 and I aim getting positive feedback from my work and now I am starting to become happy with my own photos. I am seriously hyped that I now have a 2 camera set up and this means I can run two set ups on an event night meaning group shots to candid shots can be taken. Plus if one camera dies at a vital moment I can swap quicker than running for more batteries, something that happened the other night luckily I only missed a small section and having the other photographer there meant I did not miss the moment. Which reminds me, I am looking for a photographer to start working with on bigger shoots, so please drop me a message if you are interest!

Apart from all that thank you for reading! If you want to know more check out Pandora & Events!

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