• Luke Dillon

Place For Humans 2 years later!

It has been nearly two years since I met up with Places For Human and at the beginning of last month I had the pleasure of capturing the final form of one of their projects up in Huddersfield.

I was more than amazed with whats been done to this property especially because of the fact it was an empty shell when we last took photos there. Now this property stands tall ad bold over looking the valley with a beautiful view and a refined finish throughout the building.

We were there to capture the final form and represent the building in the correct way, we captured a range of angles and areas of the property but also key features. These images would be used for a variety of reasons from advertising the work Places For Humans does but also show the before and afters of the property. Not only this the imagery can be used across the website and social media and the close ups can be used to bulk up small areas of branding and great engaging posts on their own.

Along with replicating the before and after areas we also captured motion through the building to display a functional home. This is something we had never done before but worked a treat after a few takes.

After capturing the inside it was time to head out and capture the same, unfortunately the day was dual and we could have changed the sky in post however some of the angles would have not allowed this and the story of the images would have made no sense.

The drone went up as well the capture a couple of clips as well as videos to show the grand scheme of the property. It was a pleasure to support a long time client but also get behind the camera after the winter break. Very positive shoot and we look forward to seeing the project once more when the garden and garage is done.

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