• Luke Dillon

Popping down Bristol for an Evening

The other day Andy from Redline247 invited me down to Rybrook McLaren Bristol to see the release of the new McLaren 720S Spider. A 2 hour drive down south and we arrived at Rybrook to be greeted by 720S's, Hurricanes, 600LT, Performante and many more awesome supercars.

At Rybrook Bristol they have Lamborghini, Bentley, McLaren's and a few more supercars all in one building over two levels. So if you are going to go, expect to spend a few hours there because there is way too many cars to look at. As we arrived in the McLaren part of the building the new 720S Spider lay under a cover ready for the big reveal. The only other car in the room was a 720S that was of course fitting for the scene.

After all the waiting the new 720 was revealed in one of the nicest colour McLaren do, a very strong teal blue that actually matches me branding so if McLaren wants to lend me one for branding purposes that would be great. I was not asked to photograph by anyone or anything it was just something I wanted to try out for portfolio building for the future.

So if you are a dealership or garage on any level, drop me a message! Apart that it was a nice Wednesday evening out and thank you to Andy ' Redline247 ' for taking me down and putting up with me.

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