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Practical Classics, classic car & restoration show

©Luke Dillon Photography 2019 - No rights to copy

This shoot has probably been the highlight of my automotive photography career of 2019 so far! Well the highlight for March for sure! I was asked to photograph for Practical Classics - Classic car & restoration show at the NEC last Friday. Full brief and a demand for 5 to 10 images by 4pm on the day.

©Luke Dillon Photography 2019 - No rights to copy

A cracking event covering 3 halls, live shows, celebrity guests, live restoration and a much more. I was there on the Friday to capture the day and everything that went down, of course the event was indoor that is I like more if I had all day to photograph as I think with a tripod you can get some cracking images with long exposures. However I did not 10/15 seconds per shot to capture the whole day, plus I had to also capture people so the majority of them time I was sat up at 2500 ISO that is something I do not like to do if I can avoid it.

©Luke Dillon Photography 2019 - No rights to copy

I pumped out over 500 images that sounds a lot but I captured a variety of content plus some cars I photographer 5 different angles as well as some portraits so if you was to post on socials those 5 images would all be in one post. I was very happy with the majority of the images and even the majority of the people shots where correctly framed and in focus however a lot the subject looked unhappy or was pulling a silly face as they spoke. I need to shoot more when it comes to people as many images are not selected due to eyes closes or sad faces.

A very good event that is well prices, the variety of cars and restoration projects allowed for a variety of images with and without people in. I could of stayed all day and made sure to drag the shoot as long as possible before being asked to leave by security. Had an amazing time and hope Poppyseed events asks me back to photograph another event, they are lovely and the second time I have met them. First was back at Race Retro in Coventry.

Did you see Practical Classics newsletter last Friday?? My photos were in it!!

What did you do last weekend?

Practical Classics - Classic Car & Restoration Show