• Luke Dillon

Practicing at Castle Combe

Just before the clocks went back I was down at Castle Combe for Spring Action. A cracking day with lots to photograph in lovely weather but very bright and reflective conditions. I wasn't photographing for anyone but my own brand 'Kingdom' so I knew I had the whole day to experiment, this is something I have been wanting to do but all my shoots have been for clients and did not want to risk this on a paid shoot.

Bright sun with beautiful blue skies is something I struggle to photograph when it comes to cars, due to the shadows and not been able to move cars at a show make it hard and un-appealing in my eyes. However having the day to experiment meant I could try new things. For example under and over exposing and playing around with edits in post. Getting use to two camera, I notice I could not have both cameras on a slow shutter incase something happened for example a crash I can switch cameras and have the fast detailed shutter.

I practised rolling shots on the way down south ready for the summer road trips as well as panning shots and got some amazing outcomes. I spent a little too long on track but this was due to waiting for friends to be on track. I also walked the entire track, this meant I could find out where to be if I can ever go again. Castle Combe is a great track and with a media pass I recon you can get some beauties even closer to the action however I like shooting with the public around as it makes it harder.

Castle Combes was a great day out, I would of captured more static images however I have worked out how to be more effective. I do research on the place before going and now know how to make more out the day. I am limiting my interaction with people as I would rather shoot and then spend the evening with friends. I really need to sort my car then I will have a great set up and rely on no one at shows.

Check out a few photos from the day!

Lots more over at Kingdom


As always thank you for reading, enjoy your Monday!