• Luke Dillon

pricing and plans

I have always been funny with pricing and rarely look at other creators to see what they charge. I have always gone off what I would pay for the level of work I do. As I am fully freelance I need to put a roof over my head and food on the table as well as giving a competitive price. As you may have noticed the branding has changes here and there on LDP website and social media. This is because I have been under going some branding due to being half way through the year.

I am so shocked on how fast LDP is growing and I am so happy all my hard work is paying off. I have updated my pricing to make sure everything is clear and works well. If you need a price for a potential shoot make sure to drop me a message. All my services and what LDP can offer have also been updated. These services maybe direct through myself or through creators how have LDP approval.

If you need just a photographer let me know, but if you are looking for branding, graphic design work, videography, social media etc then make sure to tell me. LDP offers a range of services to benefit your needs and requirements.

If you have any questions let me know! If you notice anything wrong with my branding or new website please let me know, I design it all myself and may have missed something.

Enjoy your